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Nowadays technology and science have a huge impact on economic development of Armenia. To ensure the economic growth and to increase the level of sustainable growth our country needs to enlarge the number of specialists engaged in IT sphere. The only way to ensure the number of those specialists is to involve the youth living in far regions of Armenia in IT sphere. Even today when technologies are available everywhere, there are regions in Armenia, where innovative technologies are not available because of low living standards and warfare.

“New Technology Education Fund” (NTEF) launches charity campaign “Innovations to border regions”.
All donation will be directed to provide young people living in border regions of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh with EcoPads.
New Technology Education Fund firmly believes that this campaign is a small but important investment in the development of economy of our country.
The aim of donation is to make technological innovations available for youth at regions near the borders making them the first users of innovations developed in Armenia.


Innovations to border regions

Assist young generation in development  and implementation of innovative ideas


Provide an opportunity to youth in border regions to become the first users of innovations implemented in Armenia


Influence on technological development of Armenia and Artsakh

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